Dragon Ball Super: Broly – Review (Spoilers, Duh)

So there I was… About July of 2018… Casually checking on Reddit for memes… And then… This shows up…


… Holy. Fucking. Shit.


My Reaction:



And then the trailer fucking drops… The. Fucking. Best. Trailer. And the above reaction is magnified by 100. And then we have a few more trailers drop, we find out some more information about the content, they’re bringing out remastered versions of older movies…


Oh my fucking God, this is probably one of th… No. It IS the best Dragon Ball Movie ever made. First Broly movie? He was cool… But this movie… Oh fuck me, yes… Well, let’s get to the review!

The Plot


We begin about 41 years in the past where we’re treated to Toriyama’s official take on how Frieza was placed in charge of King Cold’s empire, and how Planet Vegeta was destroyed. Before the destruction of the planet, King Vegeta discovers a child who has power that dwarfs essentially most of the Saiyans (Including his own son, Prince Vegeta). In an act of concern/jealously, King Vegeta orders the child who we find out is Broly to be sent off-world to a remote planet. Broly’s father, Paragus, discovers this and steals a ship to follow his son. He finds Broly on the planetoid Vampa and vows revenge against King Vegeta.

Bardock, the man we all know as Goku’s Father, finds it odd that Frieza has called back the Saiyans to Planet Vegeta and decides to send his son, Kakarot (Goku) to a planet called Earth. If his suspicions are proved to be false, he will collect his son. Sadly, Bardock’s fears are proven as Frieza destroys the planet and wipes out everyone on it.

We cut to the present time where Goku and Vegeta are training on an island Bulma bought. When questioned by Whis about why they train, Vegeta reveals that he’s training to not beat Goku but to defend the planet from Frieza who is still a viable threat after the Tournament of Power. Goku reveals that the Tournament had his eyes opened to the sheer power of other universes and wants to get stronger.

They’re interrupted by Trunks and Goten who inform them that the Dragon Radar and the six Dragonballs Bulma collected have been stolen. They discover it was Frieza’s henchmen and set out to find the last Dragonball, Bulma memorizing where it is.



Superman ain’t got shit on Broly

In space, two of Frieza’s henchmen, Lemo and Cheelai, are scouting for warriors to recruit into Frieza’s army where they discover an SOS from an old ship. They land on Vampa and after meeting Paragus, are attacked by one of the spider-like creatures on the planet. Paragus simply calls out to his son and Broly instantly takes out the creature. Upon reading his power level, they are taken back to Frieza, who is INCREDIBLY excited to have a Saiyan of his own that could potentially rival Goku and Vegeta.

We learn through interactions between Broly, Lemo, and Cheelai that Broly’s father raised his son as a living weapon and keeps him under control with a shock collar. We also learn that Broly is quite naive and innocent, despite his great power. The green fur Broly wears is the ear of a creature he befriended, but was injured by Paragus as it was playing, not training with Broly. Cheelai confronts Paragus about the way he raised Broly and ends up stealing the remote for the shock collar, giving Broly a sense of freedom.

Back on Earth, the last Dragonball is collected by Frieza’s men and Frieza arrives on Earth. Goku, Vegeta, Whis, and Bulma arrive at the scene and Frieza introduces them to Broly and Paragus…

And this… Ladies and Gentlemen… Is where… Shit. Gets. Real.



Confident Vegeta is my favourite Vegeta

Paragus orders Broly to attack, and the first fight is between Broly and Vegeta. Vegeta goes Super Saiyan, something that shocks Broly and Paragus to Frieza’s disappointment as Broly can not turn Super Saiyan himself. Vegeta however discovers that Broly’s power continues to steadily rise as they fight, while Goku is ecstatic that Broly is still in base form holding off a Super Saiyan.

The battle heats up as Vegeta turns…



Epic Moment #1 when the entire theater roared in applause at this

Fucking Super Saiyan God! And he puts down Broly quickly. However, Broly powers up even more and we learn through Paragus that Broly can use the power of a Great Ape while in Human form.

Broly matches Vegeta’s power, until Goku decides to intervene. The two do battle and Goku discovers that he can’t beat him in base or Super Saiyan, having to resort to Super Saiyan God as well. Despite his best efforts, Broly’s power continues to rise higher and higher, and eventually Goku is over-powered to the point where he needs to power up to Super Saiyan Blue (Yes, I know it’s technically Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, fuck off if you think I’m writing that every time).



Probably the best transformation scene into Super Saiyan Blue ever

And the battle then heavily tilts into Goku’s favour. Paragus, shocked at how powerful Goku is compared to Broly, admits to Frieza that it’s done and they can’t beat the Saiyan. Frieza, remembering Goku’s first transformation to Super Saiyan, emulates that with Broly by killing Paragus and calling out to Broly. Broly, thinking it was a stray blast from his battle, is overcome with grief and rage, turning Super Saiyan.



Epic Moment #2 that got everyone roaring in applause

And then it’s just all Broly. Not even a team up of Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta can dent him. So Goku grabs Vegeta after tricking Broly into attacking Frieza and teleports the duo to Piccolo, who’s been keeping tabs on the fight. Goku decides that they can’t beat Broly as they are and have to use Fusion to beat him. But without Potara Earrings, they’ll have to use the Fusion Dance. Vegeta is mortified about having to do a silly dance to combine, but otherwise learns the move. After two failed attempts, the two successfully fuse into Gogeta and then…






Epic Moment #3 when the theater just roared in applause

The battle between Gogeta and Broly rages, Gogeta starting in base and then turning Super Saiyan. He and Broly are evenly matched until Broly ascends to Legendary Super Saiyan, Gogeta matching him with Super Saiyan Blue. They continue to clash, Gogeta clearly having the upper hand.



Easily one of the most epic fights in an Anime movie

Cheelai and Lemo, watching the entire fight from Frieza’s ship, decide to intervene as they use the Dragonballs to summon Shenron as the fight draws to a climax. Broly has been beaten down severely and Gogeta prepares a Kamehameha as the final blow. Cheelai wishes for Broly to be sent back to the world her grew up on which Shenron grants, sending Broly back just before the beam hits him. Gogeta watches Broly get whisked away by Shenron’s magic and just smiles.



Gogeta ain’t fuckin’ around like Vegito did

Cheelai and Lemo steal a ship to go after Broly, Frieza attempting to shoot them down, only to be stopped by Gogeta. Frieza, defeated, flees the planet. A few days later, Goku teleports to Broly’s world, giving Broly, Cheelai, and Lemo a house with food and water, courtesy of Bulma. As he leaves, Cheelai asks his name.

“My friends call me Goku. But Broly, you can call me Kakarot.”

And the movie ends.




Legit me after the movie

Oh my fucking God, this is easily the best Dragon Ball movie ever made. It’s still breaking records in the box office for fuck’s sake. But it’s something different from previous Dragon Ball movies that we’ve had before. It had actual character development and a plot that didn’t rely on JUST the fighting.

You see, this movie was somewhat more realistic than the other Dragon Ball movies. The Saiyan Race were not portrayed as this race where EVERYONE was a fighter. There were Saiyans who used weapons instead of energy, working class Saiyans who took inventory for shipments, worked in kitchens, etc. You know, like a normal race of people.



It’s actually refreshing

It adds a sense of realism (Which I know is a weird request, given it’s Dragon Ball) which I think adds more to the story. But that’s what I’ll get into the next part.


What I Liked About The Movie

DEFINITELY the sense of realism with the Saiyans. It’s nice to know that they had a working class of Saiyans who weren’t fighters but regular joes. But the one who REALLY steals the show is the development of Broly himself. You see, this is HIS movie, not Goku’s. We see how Broly’s been raised by Paragus, how he was raised as a weapon, not as a person. He’s never even drank water before, never seen packaged food, he’s literally been raised like an animal. And we see, despite Paragus’ abuse of Broly, Broly is still a kind and naive person.


Broly’s look of pure fear when Paragus brings out the shock remote

The green fur he wears? That was from a large dog-like creature on his world that he befriended. The only friend he had, before Paragus shot it’s ear off. That’s what the green thing is. It’s fucking ear. He wears it as a reminder of his only friend. That shit is fucking deep. It’s way better than the original Broly who was just pissed that Goku cried a lot… To put it in Team Four Star’s Vegeta’s words: That’s dumb… But he’s so cool… BUT THAT’S SO DUMB!

And when Broly snaps and goes all out against Goku and Vegeta, we can see that King Vegeta was right in that Broly’s power when on a rampage could destroy everything. The entire fight, I wanted the heroes to win of course… But I didn’t want Broly to die. He didn’t deserve it, and when he was wished away, I was grateful for it. We have a powerful adversary for potential future movies/series now. One that we’ve seen be developed.

Moving on, the fight scenes in this movie are simply amazing. I’ll post some here that I was able to find online to give you a taste before I continue:




Oh my fucking god, the fight scenes were absolutely amazing! I believe they had 4 main animators for the fights, 1 for Broly vs Vegeta, 1 for Goku (Base – SSG) vs Broly, 1 for SSB Goku vs Broly, and 1 for Gogeta vs Broly. While it’s clear to see the difference in the animators between the fights, it’s a very well animated fight overall.

The soundtrack was absolutely amazing as well. Some faults, which I’ll cover later, but overall a good soundtrack. My personal favourite tunes were:

  • Bardock Falls
  • Broly’s Rage and Sorrow
  • Full Force Kamehameha

But the biggest thing that I loved about the movie was the fact that Gogeta and Broly are now OFFICIALLY part of the Dragon Ball Story!!!

“But wait, I thought they already were?”

NOPE! The Legendary Super Saiyan movie as well as Fusion Reborn are NOT canon to the main story of Dragon Ball. In fact, all the DBZ Movies before Battle of Gods were not canon. So Broly and Gogeta leading up to this movie were also not canon. Oh they were featured in games and such… But were never officially part of the story.


That feeling when you’re an official character now


What Didn’t I Like About The Movie

Now, while I love this movie… There are SOME things that I felt were a bit… Eh.

I’ve never been a fan of Akira Toriyama’s satirical side when it comes to Dragon Ball and to be honest, the movie isn’t an exception. We find out that Bulma wanted the Dragonballs because she wants to make herself 5 years younger, without making it obvious. Frieza wants the Dragonballs because he wants to be 5 centimeters taller, without making it obvious. I mean… Bulma’s one I get because she is a somewhat vain character when it comes to looks. But Frieza?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy he didn’t want immortality. But dude… Just… Toriyama needs to stop with this satire stuff when it comes to movies like this. I don’t mind it here and there as comic relief, but not as a plot point for a character.

The fight scenes and music, while epic, honestly were ruined by someone who was yelling out like a UFC Announcer during the fight.


Dude. Chill the fuck out and let me watch this. I don’t need you to try to hype up the fights more than they already are. I know it sounds trivial, but for me, it’s distracting as hell.

Otherwise, not much else to really comment on when it comes to disliking.



While Dragon Ball Super was successful enough to bring us this movie, this movie is WHOLE other level. It is, in my opinion, the best Dragon Ball movie to date. So it comes as no surprise what my verdict will be.

9.5/10 – Easily the best movie in the entire franchise



Watch this movie or else Gogeta will fuck you up


Mad Monday – Who Honestly Cares?

… God damn it.

You take a year and half break from writing stuff and then something happens that just draws you back in. But, with that being said, it’s something that I feel particularly passionate about. And that is our God given right as Australians to get on the piss. There’s also something I’m doing which I never thought I would ever do…

Defend the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs.

God I feel so dirty having said that, but this is something I feel is a right that all footy players should have.

There’s been a LOT of talk about Mad Monday and the very few people out there who are acting like 80 old grannies seem to think it has no place in 2018. That is where you are wrong. But for those of you who are living under a rock here in Australia and have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, let me break it down.


I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve done this while shit-faced too

The Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs (Who I hate with a passion, by the way) were snapped by paparazzi hiding away in bushes god knows how far away during their Mad Monday celebrations. These photos contained some players doing some pretty silly things, like dancing around in the nude and throwing up on the sidewalk. They were shit-faced to the max.

The media are saying that it’s an absolute disgrace, they’ve brought the game into damage control, faux outrage ensues. But having been engaged with a few discussions on social media about this, I find myself saying this:


Seriously. The general consensus on social media is that these lads were entitled to let their hair down and have a bit of fun. And I agree with that 100%. These are men who are on incredibly strict diets, have to wake up at ungodly hours in the morning to train for over 4-5 hours straight, and then spend 80 minutes a week getting slammed at by blokes who are over 100kg. Let them have a bit of fun.

I mean, I’ve been to a couple of corporate parties in my day and let me tell you something… I’ve seen a lot of shit that makes these Mad Monday celebrations look like a trip to fucking Disneyland. People weren’t just getting their kits off, they were doing other things. Things that I can’t really talk about, but let’s just say it was some intense shit.

But what is REALLY ticking me off are the double standards by the media about this sort of thing. Now, full disclosure before I begin… I fucking love public nudity. It’s hilarious to see people making idiots out of themselves and if they’re having fun as well, it’s a win/win for all.


God bless you Mez, haha

Earlier in the week, before this event, the Penrith Panthers were filming their Fox Sports Promo when Trent Merrin decided to do a nudie run in the middle of filming it. Now this was released by the Panthers’ media team who did Trent the courtesy of censoring what happens when a bloke gets naked in the Riff on a cold night. Fox Sports themselves shared the footage and the overall vibe was that it was a cheeky (hehe, get it) bit of fun. They even showed the footage to the entire Panthers squad and filmed their reactions to it.

I am one of those people who laughed my ass off when I saw that. Mainly because Mezza was one of the amazing blokes who helped my beloved Dragons win the premiership in 2010 & I will literally cut a bitch to have him back, but whatever.

Before that, the media were posting up articles about which players would have the “dreaded nudie run” at the end of the season for not scoring a single try all season. One could assume that they were actively promoting it.

But the Bulldogs players, at a private event mind you, were snapped up by media vultures without their consent and had those images published for the nation to see.

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly think that this could’ve been handled so much more better than it was by the Doggies. While it was a private event, they should’ve known that if they’re going to get their kit off on a balcony and stand on tables, that someone would’ve seen it. The fact that officials and coaching staff were partying along with them, just shows that this was a bit of a lapse in judgement from their higher ups.

Do I think that this warrants the controversy it does? No. Absolutely not. This is an insignificant issue in the League world when compared to the other drama going on. The Refereeing standards for instance is the BIGGEST controversy that should be addressed. The fact that players who abuse women and physically assault others can still earn 100’s of 1000’s of dollars is something that should be addressed.

But no. We’re talking about a bloke getting his cock out.

And the media are to blame for it. It’s as simple as that. Had they not gone around and taken these photos like vultures, we would’ve been none the wiser. And what really ground my gears was when I was watching NRL Tonight and how they were giving their opinions on the matter.

One of the panelists, Dan Ginnane (who I actually like listening to), said something that I quite frankly disagree with entirely. He blasted the fans who were calling out the media for this sort of  invasive reporting, tried to justify it by saying that the most viewed stories were the Bulldogs Mad Monday ones, and then blamed fans for giving the media the incentive to do it.


… Mate…

But there are comments that he said that I do agree with. I agree that players and officials should’ve known that there are people with cameras everywhere and that a little more caution should’ve been had. He even said that in the relative scale of things, this isn’t a big deal in reality.

Well Dan, this is my retort to your statement.

This is only an issue because the media are pushing it to be an issue. We have a final series where for the first time in years, we have no clear-cut winner. We’ve had a season where the teams were so close for top 8 spots, that every game was do or die. And instead of reporting about the amazing season we’ve had, we’re stuck with hearing about how players are getting their cocks grabbed by their mates while dancing drunk.

The media hold the power to either promote or condemn the game. And it’s papers like The Daily Telegraph who are continuously bringing down the game by resorting to gutter-level journalism and having an almost sadistic-like view on the game. We continuously talk about how the game needs to be talked up and how we should be promoting it in a positive light.

So how about instead of promoting Adam Elliot in the nude, you promote all the good work he’s done to become a candidate for the Ken Stephens Medal? How about you talk about the players who give up their personal time to contribute to charities and other events without getting paid to do so? How about you bring some fucking light into this dark place you’re trying to create? You’re consistently biting the hand that feeds you and you’re complaining about the reception you get as a result of it.

The fans have had enough. And in case you haven’t noticed, WE are the ones who hold all the cards, not the media. Because fans are dropping their DT subscriptions like flies and turning to 3rd party outlets who aren’t biased and who don’t have a negative agenda to the NRL.

We’re not idiots, don’t treat us as though we are.

I’m going to end this rant with this:

The fact is this is such an insignificant issue being blown up to gargantuan proportions is a joke. Had Newscorp not sent out people to take photos from the bushes, we wouldn’t of known about this.

It’s a scandal, because the media want it to be a scandal. Simple as that.


See you all in another year or something like that

Th1rteen R3asons Why (Netflix) – Review (Spoilers, Duh)


Probably going to end up having some tears shed by the end of this

Th1rteen R3asons Why. 13 reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself which were recorded onto tapes and then spread among those who contributed to her death. It’s a show that has caused a lot of controversy about themes that teenagers and young adults face in today’s society. While this is a review about the show, I’ll also be going into those themes and how those themes related to my personal life growing up.

Before I begin this review, apart from spoilers of the show, some of the themes that are going to be brought up are very sensitive. I suggest that if you’re uncomfortable with themes based around suicide, sexual assaults, and abusive situations… You’d probs best get the hell out of this review. I’m not censoring any of the themes and I’m not going to sugar coat it. Just like how Th1rteen R3asons Why didn’t either.

The Plot

The Plot begins with Clay Jensen getting a box left in front of his house that containing tapes numbered 1 to 13 from Hannah Baker, a girl who committed suicide a few weeks earlier. He listens to the first tape which has Hannah speaking into it, revealing that the following tapes each contain a reason why Hannah killed and the person responsible for it. As he listens to each tape, we find out that there are other people who received the tapes before him and that only those who have contributed to Hannah’s death are recipients of them.

The other teenagers who have all listened to the tapes and passed them on, are worried about Clay’s reaction to them. Clay and Hannah were friends when she was alive and his sense of morals are on a different spectrum to theirs. Each episode is based off a tape which will be detailed below. More information about what happens in each episode will be delved into afterward.

The Tapes

Tape 1 – Justin Foley
Justin was Hannah’s first kiss and on the same night, took a compromising picture of Hannah. He then spread rumours about them having sex when the kiss was all that it was.

Tape 2 – Jessica Davis
Jessica, along with a boy named Alex, were friends with Hannah. Alex and Jessica begin a relationship and when it fails, Jessica unfairly blames Hannah for it.

Tape 3 – Alex Standall
Alex had created a list of Best/Worst features which had listed Hannah as the “Best Ass”. It’s revealed that he did this as a ploy to get in with the popular kids, as well as make Jessica jealous.

Tape 4 – Tyler Down
Tyler had taken compromising photos of Hannah and Courtney sharing a kiss that was spread around the school. He also had been stalking her heavily before then.

Tape 5 – Courtney Crimsen
Courtney threw Hannah under the bus to protect herself when questioned about whether the photo Tyler had taken was of her and Hannah.

Tape 6 – Marcus Cole
Marcus embarrassed Hannah on a Valentine’s Day date when attempting to see if the rumours of Hannah being a slut were true.

Tape 7 – Zach Dempsey
Hannah had rejected Zach’s advances and he got revenge by taking all the positive notes left in her letterbox in Communications Class, as he knew she heavily relied on them for positive reassurance.

Tape 8 – Ryan Shaver
Ryan had stolen a poem that Hannah had written, detailing all of her dark thoughts and problems, and publicly published them in his school paper.

Tape 9 – Justin Foley
The only person to have 2 tapes, Hannah blames Justin for letting Bryce rape Jessica while Jessica was heavily intoxicated, which Hannah witnessed.

Tape 10 – Sheri Holland
Sheri was driving Hannah home & accidentally hit a Stop sign. Sheri then abandons Hannah and drives off without calling the police, which then resulted in Clay’s friend Jeff being killed in a car crash.

Tape 11 – Clay Jensen
Hannah blames Clay for leaving at her request before they were about to have sex. She admits that he doesn’t deserve to be on the tapes, but she felt he needed to know why she killed herself.

Tape 12 – Bryce Walker
Bryce raped Hannah

Tape 13 – Mr. Porter
Originally intending for 12 tapes, Hannah created the 13th tape when the school counselor, Mr. Porter, dismisses Hannah’s claims of being raped because she refused to name who did it. He tells her to “move on with her life” which was the final straw for her.

Tape 14 – Bryce’s Confession
A tape that was made by Clay, after he successfully tricked Bryce into admitting that he had raped Hannah while secretly recording. Moments prior to obtaining the confession, Clay had been severely beaten by Bryce when Clay confronted him about being a rapist.

Other Themes


Alex furious about how the school only put these up after Hannah’s death

Along with the audience finding out what happened to Hannah via the tapes, we’re also given a detailed look into the lives of the subjects on Hannah’s tapes which make everything appear to not be as black and white as Hannah described. We also see how Hannah’s death has affected her parent as well as the community as a whole.

Hannah’s parents are in a lawsuit with the school as they firmly believe a lack of care is what resulted in Hannah’s death. This involves themes such as bullying graffiti in the bathrooms having to be painted over after Hannah’s mother takes photos to use against the school. Suicide Awareness paraphernalia being distributed as a means to save face in the eyes of the community. It eventually reaches a climax when Hannah’s parents receive a copy of the tapes from Tony, the boy who Hannah had trusted the tapes to in the first place, and they begin listening to them at the end of the season.

We see the psychological impact of Hannah’s death playing on Clay’s mind, especially since he’s unsure of how he would’ve contributed to Hannah killing herself. It tears at him so much that he begins hallucinating about Hannah and starts lashing out at the others mentioned on the tapes. It’s thought that this is him dealing with Hannah’s death through the stages of grief. Denial about how he would’ve contributed to her death. Anger at those mentioned and trying to get revenge for Hannah. Depression about how he never admit to Hannah about how he truly felt, which might have saved her. And then finally the acceptance of his role in her death after Tony helps him understand why Hannah named Clay in the tapes.


Tyler was bullied to the point where he might be the center for Season 2

Bullying as a whole is one of the main subjects of the show, where we are exposed to many different types of bullying, which may come across as being eye-opening to some viewers. Alex making the Best/Worst list which resulted in Bryce first groping Hannah’s rear end, weeks before he raped her, Zach making Hannah feel worthless by stealing all of her positive mail from Communications class, and a whole bunch more that I could go into, but just don’t have the space for in this review.

Peer Pressure is also dealt with in the show, varying from the others to keep Clay quiet about the tapes, as they fear that he’ll go public with them, to going as far as Justin suggesting that they kill Clay and make it look like a suicide. Justin, Alex, and Marcus kidnap Clay in a car and scare him by driving at high speeds as a means to intimidate him into not seeking revenge for Hannah. Clay being peer pressured into drinking an entire bottle of alcohol in one go by Bryce. These are some of the examples that this theme presents in the show.

Social media and the impact it has on bullying is also explored, with how fast compromising images are spread. An example of this is when Clay gets revenge on Tyler by taking a photo of Tyler naked and spreading it around. Tyler is then subjected to bullying by his peers to the point where he begins to stockpile weapons, many believing him to be planning a shootout in the school.


You will hate this guy before you even get to his tape

Sexual Assault is also covered and it’s quite graphic in how it’s portrayed. We see through a closet door, Bryce raping Jessica and it’s a very uncomfortable scene to say the least. Hannah’s rape scene is also quite graphic as it’s done in a hot tub. Justin initially protects Bryce because Bryce had offered Justin a safe haven away from his abusive home life, but then admits to Jessica that Bryce raped her, after she became suspicious after the tapes were revealed.

Another topic linking up to the rape was the complete dismissal by Mr. Porter when Hannah confides in him about the rape. The idea of Hannah having regret and then feigning rape is brought up and he even goes as far as to tell her to move on with her life. It’s horrifying to watch someone who has a position of duty and care, just casually dismiss her claims, which ends up being the final straw for her. Understandably, this scene hit a lot of people who had been sexually assaulted quite hard.

And it goes without saying that the topic of Teenage Suicide is brought up numerous times. Hannah’s continuously negative experience keep bottling up as she tries to deal with the issues as best as she can. She had even felt like giving life one more shot after the initial 12 tapes had been recorded. But it fails and she ultimately kills herself.

And the show does NOT shy away nor sugar coat the act of Hannah killing herself. We see her, in graphic detail, slash her arms open with razor blades into an overflowing bathtub, and watch as life slowly drains out of her. And, if this scene wasn’t confronting enough, we’re treated to Hannah’s parents discovering her in the tub after she had died, and the pure emotions displayed.

The Controversy of Th1rteen R3asons Why


Moments before Hannah Baker killed herself

A lot of people have claimed that the show “glorifies suicide” which the way that Hannah made her tapes and had them spread among those who she believed drove her to commit suicide. Which I think is absolute rubbish. It would be incredibly foolish for any network, be it Netflix or any other medium, to advertise the glorification of suicide. NO ONE wants to see more people killing themselves and if this is what you take from the show, then perhaps you need to seriously get your head checked out.

I can understand that people who have been subjected to sexual assault, domestic violence, and those who have been/are suicidal, would be uncomfortable with the themes in the show. But that’s reality. People, this is probably one of the most realistic takes on how bullying can lead to a young person taking their own life. You may feel uncomfortable with it, but that’s the truth.

Warnings are always issued before the episodes that feature these themes in it, and if you continue to watch it from that point, you know what you’re about to witness. Instead of preaching about how this show is bad for people, why don’t you take a look at all the messages it presents, not just the ones you want to hate on.

The main theme of this show was that, even until the very end when she killed herself, she was crying out for help. The door was unlocked in the bathroom, the water was overflowing onto the floor and out of the bathroom. She was hoping her mother or father would stop her. She gave Tony the tapes in person because if he listened to it fast enough and acted sooner, he could’ve stopped her. Hannah wanted help. And she went as far as possible to try to get it. And she never got the help she needed.

EVERYTHING could have been avoided if the signs were noticed early on. Now, I’m not suggesting that if they acted sooner, Hannah wouldn’t of tried to kill herself by another method. But what I am saying is that the main theme was ultimately about a girl who tried to reach out as best as she could, and no one knew. Not even Clay, who was arguably one of her most loyal and true friends.

People criticized the show for showing Hannah kill herself. Why? That’s the pain you’ll experience if you kill yourself with a razor blade. The pain of the metal cutting your skin open and the blood pouring out. Not dripping, pouring out. The reaction of her parents when they find her, this is a VERY realistic demonstration on suicide.

People, you have to understand that this show isn’t just about the suicide of Hannah Baker. It’s also about how it affects the others who led her to do it. How it affected her family, how it affected her school… This is real. Suicide doesn’t end with the person killing themselves. It goes on to affect everyone they knew.

You’re probably reading this, thinking that I’m getting really involved with the themes of this show… Well… That’s what the next part is for.

How Th1rteen R3asons Why Relates To Me

I’ve been suicidal at one point in my life. To the point where there was a good chance I wouldn’t be here to type this right now. I don’t want to delve into the specifics of why I wanted to kill myself, as it was over 12 years ago and I don’t want to go back to that dark place again. I never actually attempted to kill myself, but the thoughts were there… And there were a couple of times that I was the edge of doing so.

But then I watched Th1rteen R3asons Why and those memories I had semi-repressed had come back. I couldn’t help but break down at the end of the season when Hannah’s parents discovered her… Because I saw myself in that position and I imagined that it was my Dad and my Mum who discovered me. And I thought about how lucky I was to get the help I needed in order to move past it. And then I stopped the episode for about 20 minutes to collect myself, because I was crying my eyes out.

Because I know now that if I had done it… My Dad wouldn’t of been able to live with himself. I would’ve killed him with the grief he would’ve suffered. My mum and my siblings… God, I’m even tearing up now just thinking about this…

Look, the point I’m trying to make is that I had a wake-up call that stopped me from doing it. And in doing so, I not only saved my own life. I saved the lives of those close to me. As I stated before, this show isn’t about the glorification of Suicide, it’s about the impact it has on those who knew you. And it’s about how the smallest things, like taking positive notes out of a mail box in class, can lead to someone taking their own life.

What I Didn’t Like In Th1rteen R3asons Why


You are such a douche, mate

Now that the emotional stuff is out of the way, it’s time to delve into what I DIDN’T like about Th1rteen R3asons Why. And the main aspect I didn’t like was that wanker in the image above.

I’m sorry, but Tony’s self-righteous attitude and flat-out bullying of Clay to make him listen to the tapes just ruined certain aspects of the story for me. Oh, did I say bullying? Yes. I did. Because he pretty much bullied Clay (and maybe the others) into listening to the tapes. Plus, the whole “Popping up at the right time” cliche with him was… Well… A bit of a cliche. I get why he’s so adamant on making everyone featured on the tapes to listen to them, but honestly dude…

You have incriminating evidence that this girl killed herself because she was raped and bullied, and you choose to NOT take it into the police? Sorry but fuck what Hannah wanted, you want justice for her then take that shit to the cops. Hell, just give her parents the tapes and let them decide how to take it from there. It’s only AFTER Clay finishes the tapes and tells Tony that he has Bryce’s confession that he FINALLY hands a digital copy of the tapes to Hannah’s parents.

Dude. Fuck you.

Clay’s Mother is another person whom I disliked in the show. Lady, your kid is CLEARLY affected by the death of Hannah and yet you STILL chose to defend the school in the lawsuit that Hannah’s parents are filing. You even had the chance to drop the case and you were like “lol no, I’m still doing it”… I’m sorry, you CLEARLY know that your kid is not happy about this and you’re still like “Fuck his mental stability, I’m still doing it”. EVEN AFTER HANNAH’S MOTHER CALLED YOU OUT AND SAID THAT CLAY WAS HER FRIEND!

Jesus Christ, lady… As a matter of fact, most of the adults in this show are fucking idiots…

Should There Be A Season 2?


Tyler is theorized to be the main focus of Season 2

It’s been heavily speculated that since Tyler’s stockpiling guns, that he’s going to shoot up the school in Season 2 which is going to be the main focus of the season. But should there even be a Season 2?No. No there shouldn’t.I get that Netflix want to make money off the show, especially given the attention that the show has gotten since it was released. But I feel that this is a story that’s best left where it ended. Given that the show is called Th1rteen R3asons Why, I don’t see how they’re going to continue the story.Unless what, Tyler has 13 Photos with explanations about why he shot the school? No, let the series end here and leave the audience speculating about where it goes from there.

Some stories are best left where they end, with that unknown hanging there. Did Alex try to kill himself? How does Justin move on from everything? How do Hannah’s parents react to her tapes? How does Clay’s mum feel about her son having the tapes? Does Mr. Porter go to the police with the tapes after Clay gives them to him? Does Bryce go to jail?

Don’t answer that. Just leave it as is. We don’t need answers for everything.

The Verdict

This is the sort of show where I feel every young person needs to see it. It may be graphic, but it’s realistic. And that’s what teens need to see. They NEED to see that their actions have consequences that might result in someone taking their own life.

9/10 – Very Powerful Story that leaves a Heavy Impact.

Why I Write The Things I Write

Sup guys.

Today’s post is more or less, just a chance for me to chat some shit and give you guys a bit of an insight into why I write the things I write. I feel there are some people out there who aren’t looking at this in the context that I’ve originally meant to put it out there. Fair enough, it’s written text, distinctive features such as tone are a bit harder to convey across. So, with that being said, here’s a little insight into how this shit flies.

What The Fuck Is This Site Even About?

This blog is basically an outlet for me to get stuff off my mind. Simple as that. As anyone who’s met me knows, I’m a pretty opinionated person and I love sharing my views on things. I’m also a smart-ass so naturally this blog is a combination of all of that stuff. I basically just write shit, that’s what this Blog is about. I literally pull topics out of the air, write my views on them, that’s it.

Some of that stuff are personal things, like my experiences working at Target. Things that annoy me at the Gym. The fucking Kardashians, who I hate with all my being. Shit that just pops into my mind and I’m like: Fuck that shit, I’m bitching about it tonight.

“You also do Movie Reviews?”

Movie reviews, I’ll do occasionally since I LOVE watching movies and nit-picking them apart. Seriously, go check out my Star Wars review, I spent 2 days writing that, finding images and gifs, etc. I’ll do them every now and again, mainly if/when I’m bothered to.

“So why is there a whole bunch of Dragons posts?”

NRL-based material is taking over ATM since it IS footy season. Anyone who follows me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram knows that I am a MASSIVE, and I mean a fucking MASSIVE St. George Illawarra Dragons fan. Even though the last 2 posts weren’t entirely positive, I fucking LOVE my team.

“But why do you rip into them sometimes?”

Because I love my team, that’s why. Look, I’m not trying to win popularity votes here. My purpose of this blog is to be completely honest and write things that come from the heart. I know for a fact that I’ve had some people from the club, players included, read my stuff (Especially the last post).

Look guys. I’m not the sort of fan who’s going to kiss your ass and say it tastes like chocolate. I write both positive and negatives, because I want you guys to hopefully take that criticism on board and turn into motivation to prove me wrong. I’ve ALWAYS been respectful about the things I write about players, even the ones I’m not fond of, and I’ve always tried to be reasonable & explain my thoughts.

I’ll always be honest and upfront about my thoughts, because I’d rather be hated for being honest rather than be liked for being fake.

But seriously… What IS this blog about?

Exactly what the name says. Reviews, Rants, and other Bullshit. It’s meant to be a somewhat comedic take on the things I encounter, experience, and think about in my life. It’s not meant to insult anyone, make a political statement, or any dumb shit like that. It’s just meant to be expressing my thoughts.


Why The Fuck Do You Swear So Much

… Because I can? Guys, I swear on this blog for 3 reasons:

  • Comedic Value
  • To stress a point
  • Because I can’t think of another word to use

Seriously, that’s it. Not everyone is a fan of my swearing and you know what? Could honestly care less, people. This is a place where I can express myself completely, and if swearing helps me do it, then guess what?

I’m fucking swearing.


Why Do You Write About Some Dumb Shit?

Because it’s something that’s been bugging me and I wanted to get it off my chest? One thing that I’ve been criticized for in the past, was about the topics I’ve chosen to speak about. Dude, if you don’t like what I have to write, why are you even reading this? I love people that get outraged about something I write and leave me crap like:

“what a crock of shit”
“your a gay cunt”

Guys. Firstly, please learn to spell. I don’t take comments seriously unless there’s been SOME attempt to write something in English. Secondly, I’ve got incredibly thick skin where I can shrug off the crap that’s thrown my way. If you don’t like what I have to write, then don’t read it. Simple as that.

I don’t care if one person or 100 people like what I have to say. I say it because, as I’ve stated before, it’s to clear my mind and get things off my chest.

Plus it’s in the fucking name of the blog. Reviews, Rants, and other Bullshit. Keyword: Bullshit.

Half the crap I talk about on here is considered bullshit to people. That’s perfectly fine by me.


Why Do You Use So Many Pictures & Gifs?

Visual aids, man. Helps keep people interested and it gives them a break from looking at blocks of text. Plus, comedic value.


Why The Fuck Is This Even A Blog Post?

Because I’m on holidays for the next 2 weeks, and I’m bored out of my fucking mind. Plus, to give you guys a bit of context about what this blog is about.

Yeah, I know there’s a few of you doing this right now

St. George Illawarra Dragons, We Need To Talk (Pt. 2)

OK, so before I start this one, I feel there’s a couple of things that should be said. Firstly, everyone who knows me, KNOWS how much of a fucking passionate supporter I am. Everyone knows it. I scream & roar with cheers to the point of losing my voice at all the games, I make all the artworks that I do, etc. I fucking LOVE my team.

WITH THAT BEING SAID, I do acknowledge that I was allowing my emotions to get the better of me & I was perhaps a bit TOO harsh in my last post. Now, let me make 2 things perfectly clear:

1) I am NOT happy with the way that we’ve been performing, I’m not going to sugar-coat that. There are quite a few mistakes if we’re going to be held scoreless for 2 weeks straight, after getting our asses handed to us by the Sharks. It’s VERY obvious that there are problems that need to be addressed. I will not apologize for saying that I believe that we have a LOT to work on before we become a strong force to be contended with.

2) This is NOT a retraction of my last post. I am merely writing this so that I can try to convey what I originally wanted to say, without the fuel of anger feeding me.

So… I’ve had some time to cool off. I’ve had a nice bubble-bath, complete with little rubber duck and all, and I am now ready to give a bit more of a balanced view on what I was attempting to portray earlier.

I still cried like a fucking baby when I saw Duges crying in the sheds, and the thought of seeing that man be broken like that still hurts… But, for the sake of getting my point across, I will not let my emotions get the better of me.


I love this pic, that is all


Thoughts On Players Who Need To Be Dropped

Benji Marshall

Look, I’m not a fan of Benji Marshall. I’m just going to say it, I was against him coming to us when he first signed with the club and to this day, I’ve always had my reservations about him. After writing the first post, I had people saying that I was a prick for hating Benji, that I was an asshole, etc. etc.

Look guys, I don’t have to LIKE everyone who plays for us, OK? I’ve ALWAYS said that I will support the Red V and all those who play in it. And I always will. That does NOT mean that I have to like them. Look, I hated Nathan Green. I’m sure he was a nice bloke off the field and all, but I fucking hated him. Matt Prior? Same deal.

Guys, I’m just not a Benji fan. I don’t like how his style of play, like when we faced the Cowboys, was all about him trying to be flashy and cool. Look mate, 2005 was 11 years ago. You’re not that spunky kid from the Tigers who’s pulling flick passes out of his ass. To think that you’re honestly worth more than $300K a year is a bit ludicrous, mate.

I’m sorry Benji, but you’re not getting any younger and if you think that the Dragons are going to risk giving you more than $300K, then you should be looking elsewhere. Unless there are massive 3rd party deals involved, I don’t see Benji staying in the NRL p0st 2016.

Mitch Rein

Another player I mentioned was Mitch Rein. Now, unlike Benji, I actually am pretty cool with Mitch… Not his haircut, because he legit looks like Legolas from Lord of the Rings, but that’s besides the point. As I said, Mitch is a Kiama kid and I have the biggest soft-spot for Kiama-based Dragons, due to my mate living down there for years and I love the area.

Look, the problem I have with Mitch Rein is that he’s not consistent. The problem I have with Mitch is that there are some games where he’s on absolute fire and then there are the games we’d all like to forget. I find that he’s too readable in attack, predictable to a fault. We can’t have someone who’s able to be read like an open book.

Sorry, but I don’t think he offers anything in terms of creativity in attack. Unless there’s a MASSIVE shift in performance, I honestly don’t see him getting a renewal with the Dragons. Which is a shame, because as I said, I have a soft spot for Kiama Kids.

Ben Creagh

Ben Creagh. Look, I didn’t even rip into Benny in my last post. I actually said I was gutted to say that it was time for him to hang up the boots. I’m sorry mate, but with age slowly catching up along with your injuries, I think it is best for you to move onto the next chapter in your life. I really feel gutted with saying that.

Tim Lafai

OK, first thing is first, I’d like to say sorry to Timmy for being a rude prick in my last post. But I seriously think that after this much time, he should’ve improved in ability and be able to create something. And I’m sorry, I don’t see that in him. I think the best thing for Tim would be to drop back to the Cutters to not only regain his ability, but also to build up his confidence.

I’ve seen it a couple of times where Tim sort of just stops and pauses, before continuing to play, which gives the opposition a chance to adapt and defend. Mate, you need to flow with it. And I think you do need to go back to the Cutters to get that edge back.

Hey, J-Moz got dropped to reserve grade at the Bulldogs and it did wonders to turn his ability around. Could do the same for Tim, Mitch, and yes even Benji.


Changes To Be Made To The Team

One criticism I was given in my last post, which I actually agree with and am stumped on how I missed it, was to give replacements to the players dropped. So, let me go into who I think should be included into the squad.

Tyrone McCarthy

Ok, being a Conor McGregor fan, I fucking love the Irish. So when we got McCarthy, I was ecstatic with joy. If anyone has seen what this guy can do in Super League, they’ll know that he’s a MASSIVE asset to the team. I don’t know why we’re restricting him to just the Cutters, when he has this potential to be a great NRL player. He hits hard and knows how to play the ball and create chances for tries.

I’d put him in over Ben Creagh on the bench.

Tahne Milne

OK, I wasn’t really sold on Tahne, since I haven’t actually SEEN what he can do. So yeah, I was a bit skeptical about whether he would be a good player. I had people saying “Dude, he’s actually good”, but I didn’t see it. Regardless, having watched a couple of Cutters games now, I have seen the light and Tahne would be a great player to blood for First Grade. Fast, creative, and someone who could offer us that spark in attack.

I’d include him over Tim Lafai.

Tommy Carr

Tommy’s a bit of a difficult one, because he still needs a bit more time before he’s properly ready for First Grade. With that being said, I think he’s DEFINITELY the winger that we’ve been praying for. We’ve struggled with the Left Wing since B-Moz left and after seeing some of the freaky shit that this kid can pull… Mate, he’s B-Moz V2. Needs a bit more time, but someone who’ll be as valuable to the team as Aitken is right now.

I’d include him over Peter Mata’Utia.

Siliva Havili

He’s already on the squad, but I would like to see them shake things up and start Havili over Mitch. Siliva offers SO much more in attack from the small glimpses that we’ve seen him play, and it’s been noticed by the fans in particular. I would like to see him get more game-time, even start as our Hooker, just to see how he’d fare over an 80 minute game.

I’d include him over Mitch Rein.

… I know, you’re all waiting for who I’d replace Benji with. Look, we don’t really have anyone at the moment on the team who would make a significant difference over Marshall. We have Josh McCrone and while he’s a great short term option, we HAVE to look outside of the club for a new half. Lachlan Coote would be AMAZING to have in the halves, as well as Luke Keary. So I’d gun for one of those two to replace Benji.


The Captaincy Dilemma

OK, so the issue of whether Gareth Widdop is a good captain has been brought up numerous times over the last couple of weeks. Gaz, I love you as a player, but I honestly think that you’re not the captain that we need. Sorry mate, but I really think that the pressure of the role is getting to you and it’s affecting your ability.

I would honestly prefer Josh Dugan as our Captain.


Duges don’t take no shit from anyone

And no, it’s not because he’s my favourite player in the squad. Far from it. I want Duges to be our captain because he has that fire that we NEED in a captain. He’s not afraid to challenge the referees, he’s not a punk-ass bitch who’ll take shit from players (Especially little smart-ass bitches like Tyrone Roberts), and he’s one of the popular players within the playing group.

Seriously, he’s apparently the mentor to a few of our younger Dragons and that’s something you WANT in a Captain. You WANT people to look up at you and want to follow in your steps. Duges as a captain would be a great asset to the team, in my opinion.


The Coach

Before I begin this, I really need to get this off my chest.

For the record, I absolutely hated it when people in the Save Our Saints campaign decided to rip into Mary with the #FailMary tag that they started using in their SOS posts for 2016. Um, did you SOS guys forget that you stated in 2015, numerous times and from numerous posters, that the team and the coach had your full support? No? Let me refresh your memories with a couple of them:


When you guys PUBLICLY make a claim that the coach and players have your full support and how this isn’t about on-field success… And then decide to rip into the coach DURING one of our slumps, you’re not really painting a good picture for yourselves. You’re also coming off as hypocritical.

Now that I got that off my chest…

Look, I love Mary. I met him last year in the coaches forum and it’s so clear that he bleeds Red and White. For fuck’s sake, the man actually paid money out of his own pocket for our gym to be upgraded so we didn’t have the old shit-box era gym that we had for years. He’s been nothing but a gentleman to me and others when we’ve had the chance to interact with him.

But there has been some questionable choices he’s made during his tenure as coach, some of which are not exactly the wisest of moves. Look mate, you bought Siliva Havili to be the back-up Hooker for Rein and to get him to pull his socks up. The fact that you’re just putting the poor bloke on the bench to keep his bum warm is something that has not only pissed off a few of the fans, but probably Havili himself. I don’t think he’d appreciate being stuck there all day with nothing with do. That’s a bench spot you could’ve given to someone else.

I also think that Mary isn’t well trained in how to deal with players’ psychology. I’m sorry, but I’m seeing a bunch of blokes out there who are losing confidence as the game goes on. They start strong and then as soon as shit calls get thrown our way, they switch off. This shouldn’t be happening and as the coach, it IS your job to get to the bottom of it. Even if that means calling in a specialist sports psychologist to sit down with the lads and get them to relieve themselves of any stress they have.

I think it’s well and truly time for the axe to be swung as well, Mary. I’ve already stated who I’d get rid off and who I’d like to replace them with. You NEED to start cutting players if they don’t perform. It’s as simple as that.

The NRL is a performance-based industry. Yep, that’s right. Industry. As soon as the words “Professional Sport” are applied, that game then becomes a business. Players become employees who are required to work for their pay. If they’re not pulling their weight, then drop them back so that they can get a reality check that they’re not any different than the other team-mates around them. I understand that this might frustrate players & potentially cause more drama, but when you’re being mocked by 99% of the NRL’s fanbase… You HAVE to make changes.

I’ve stated in my last post that if Mary couldn’t give us consistency with positive results, he should be moved on. I honestly think that Mary has the passion that we need as a coach, but his inexperience is something that’s going to cost him greatly. I’d like to see someone like Toovey or Clearly brought in as assistant coaches to Mary, just so that they give him some quality advice.

Especially Toovey. He’s a proven coach who’s won premierships with the Sea Eagles, and gotten them to the finals. He’d be able to give Mary some great advice on how to coach. And, if worse comes to worse, you can always swap the two around. Mary can learn under an experienced coach and we can get some proper direction.


Changes To Management

Look, I still believe that we need some fresh new blood in management. I’ve ripped into Save Our Saints for the way that they’ve conducted themselves about their stance on change. But, despite all of that, I’m not disagreeing that there DOES need to be change. I’ve never met Peter Doust or any of the other Board Members, but I think that after so many years running the place, we DO need change. A quote for Avatar: The Last Airbender covers this perfectly (And is one of my personal life philosophies):

“It is important to draw wisdom from many different places. If you take it from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale.”

We’ve become rigid and stale. We need to start drawing wisdom from different places in order to survive.

My main gripe with the Dragons Management comes down to a couple of points:

The Lack of 3rd Party Sponsorship

This is by far the BIGGEST thing that we should be working day and night to fix. The Dragons have little to no 3rd Party Sponsorship and we NEED to fix that, in order to recruit big-name players to the club, as well as retain key-players. Seriously, this shit needs to be fixed. I’m personally dumbfounded how we don’t have access to a plethora of 3rd Party Sponsors, given that we have TWO regions to draw from.

The Right Game/Right Venue Strategy

I just fucking hate ANZ Stadium. It’s a concrete jungle that just feels like shit to sit in for a regular game. State of Origin? Fuck yeah. Finals? Fuck yeah. Test matches? Fuck yeah. Regular games… No. Not just that, the teams that we play there, namely Souths and Bulldogs, are also at a home-field advantage since ANZ is a home ground to a LOT of clubs. We don’t have that electric feeling like we do at Kogarah/WIN because it’s overshadowed by the opposition fan-base. Needless to say, not a fan.

Those two are the MAIN problems that I personally hate. We’re a proud club with a proud history. We won 11 premierships in a row for God’s sake… Yes, different time, but it’s still an amazing feat. I’ve detailed this in a previous post I made some time ago, but Dragons fans are the proudest among all the NRL fan-bases. We DEMAND perfection, & while perfection isn’t possible… We want the closest thing to it.

The Joint Venture Board haven’t done much, in the eyes of the fans, to live up to this. After all, we’re still in debt to the NRL, plus the above I’ve mentioned. We need these problems resolved sooner rather than later. And if they can’t do it, they should bring in someone who can.


The Problem

I know in the last one I said that I didn’t know what the problem was. Obviously, now that I’ve calmed down and had a proper think about it, I think it all boils down to confidence. Look, these guys are more than just footy players. They ARE Human Beings who are capable of going through some real-world shit like you and I do. I don’t think it’s external factors so much as internal ones.

And by internal, I mean mental ones. These guys have been getting the fair-share of shit calls, let’s be real here. Tries that would’ve been awarded to ANY OTHER TEAM are getting ruled as No Try for us. Shit like that is demoralizing, people. Imagine continuing to put in 100%, only to realize it’s all for nothing.

Yeah, you’d be bummed out too.

I don’t think Mary has the understanding of sports psychology to help combat this, to be perfectly honest. He’s a passionate bloke, but that can only take you so far. Bring in a specialist to help the lads overcome whatever is bothering them and that’ll be one step towards a solution.

Captaincy is the other. Gaz ain’t a captain, I’m going to be perfectly honest in saying that. Love you as a player, but that’s the truth. Duges as a captain should hopefully help instill confidence into the lads and help them steer to victory.


The Positives

I don’t need to repeat this, you all know who’s been the standouts… No? OK, fine.

Josh Dugan
Euan Aitken
Leeson Ah Mau
Joel Thompson
Jason Nightingale

Seriously, you guys are fucking awesome.



Hopefully, you guys have seen this and have gotten a better understanding of my previous post. I’m not going to remove it, because you’ve all seen it by now. No point to take it down since I don’t believe in doing stuff like that. I just hope you have a better understanding now of what I wanted to convey.

St. George Illawarra Dragons, We Need To Talk

OK. This is something that I’ve been bottling up for some time now, but I personally am getting to the point where I struggle to hold in all of this.

I love my team. I fucking LOVE my team. I pay for a membership every year (nearly) with the package that I can afford. I pay for tickets in advance for games, so I know I won’t forget later down the track. I spend a butt load on petrol, driving to as many games as I can make it to, barring inter-state games. I even make artworks and banners for players, for heaven’s sake!


Seriously. I fucking love my team.

BUT, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m actually starting to get embarrassed with the performance of my team. It kills me to say it, but I am. With a team that has players like:

Josh Dugan
Gareth Widdop
Benji Marshall
Jason Nightingale
Euan Aitken
Russell Packer

We should be putting in a MUCH better effort than what we have been doing this season. But we just aren’t… And it fucking hurts. I consider myself a somewhat empathetic person and seeing my team lose like that to the Cowboys…

Guys. I fucking cried. THAT is how much I love my team. A grown 27 year old man, crying about a loss that was so dreadful that I felt like my heart was broken.

And then seeing Duges cry on TV… It was at that point that I decided that I was going to write this massive post about it. Because as someone who loves the Dragons and has stuck by them during the highs of 2010 and the lows of the last couple of years, I think I’m entitled to it.

Probably putting the job application at the Dragons I have at risk by doing this… But screw it. I probably am never going to get a job working for the team that I love. So screw it, I’m just going to let myself go and be completely honest with how I feel about all this.

And to those who do work at the Dragons, who are reading this now… Sorry, but I can not hold in my frustrations anymore.


Players Who Need To Be Dropped

Yeah. This is a topic that’s going to ruffle some feathers, but I think there are some players in our current squad who need to be given the chop. McGregor has spoken about there being personnel changes in an effort to revitalize our season. Well, Mary, let me try to give you some help in that regards.

The number one player who needs to go, is Benji Marshall.

Look, I’m going to say it. I don’t like him. I really don’t. He comes off as arrogant, rude, and self-centered. Especially considering that he thinks he’s got 2-3 more seasons in the NRL & is worth more than $300K. Mate, after the fucking bullshit performance you put on yesterday, you’d be LUCKY to get $300K. You’re not that flashy kid at the Tigers anymore, Benji. Pull your head in and play for the team, not for Benji Marshall.

Seriously, I don’t know why we wasted money buying him in the first place. We had Jack Bird, we could’ve used him. But nope, we lost Bird probably for good.

Another player who needs to go is Mitch Rein. Look, I like Rein. I do, I really do. He’s an epic guy to chat to at the members functions. But I’m sorry mate, you’ve been lacking for a bit of time now. We need consistency in our players and I’m not seeing it in Rein. The first couple of games for us had Rein looking disinterested and as though he didn’t want to be there.

Which is sad, considering he’s a Kiama boy along with the Morris Twins and has played alongside them, mainly with B-Moz when he was a Dragon. Off-Topic a bit, I fucking love Kiama. Great place to visit, one of my best mates lives there, so naturally I love having players on the team that have come from the 2533.

But unless Rein starts pulling his finger out and steps up, he’s gotta go.

Another player who needs to go is Ben Creagh. Look Ben, I love you as a player. You’ve been a loyal soldier for the Red V and one who’s put in heaps of effort to give it your best. But let’s face it mate… Age is getting the better of you here. I’m actually gutted in having to say this, but I think it’s time for you to put your feet up and relax now, mate. You’ve done well, now enjoy the rest of your life.

Another player is Tim Lafai. Look, I’m not attached with Lafai like I am with some of our longer-term players so I have no quips in saying this. Lafai, you need to pull out your fucking finger and play the way you did at the Dogs. Sorry, but you’re not earning your spot on the team. I think some time in the Cutters is perfect for you to regain some confidence. Seriously mate, this is not why we bought you.


The People Who Need To Be Held Accountable

The Coach

No one can deny that Paul “Mary” McGregor is someone who has a lot of passion for his team. The bloke has literally paid money out of his own pocket for some of the gym equipment that our guys use, which is something he isn’t entitled to do. I’ve met the man a couple of times at functions, as well as, the Coaches’ Forum last year and he’s been nothing short of a gentleman to those he speaks with.

Look, I like Mary. I really do. But I think it’s safe to say that he’s not the most experienced coach out there and for a club that is in the rebuilding phase, it’s not something that we can afford to have right now. I’m sorry Mary, but there have been a number of questionable choices that have been… Well, questionable.

The lack of use from Siliva Havili, the insistence of Josh Dugan in the centres, dropping Euan Aikten, there’s a bit of a list there. And I’m sorry, it’s evident that your “bad-ass” attitude isn’t going to work like it did before. Changes have to be made and it has to start by dropping players who are not working in the team’s best interest. I understand that bridges might be burned and that you risk hurting players’ feelings… But this is a performance-based industry and if you’re not performing, then you shouldn’t be picked.

Sorry Mary but this is getting ridiculous now. We got thrashed by the Sharks, thrashed by the Cowboys, and thrashed by the Broncos. We have a side that has a number of high-quality players and we’re performing as though Steve Price were still coaching the team. Sorry mate, you need to move on if you can’t give us a positive consistency with performance.

Bring in Toovey or Clearly, someone from OUTSIDE of the club and who can give us fresh and innovative new coaching methods. This isn’t working out, we’ve had 3 games where 0 tries have been scored.

The Board and CEO

… God I hate talking about this… For the record, I’m not a fan of how certain people within the #SaveOurSaints movement have been treating other Dragons fans. I know that not everyone who supports that movement are bad, some of them are actually great guys to chat with. But there are 1-2 people within that group that are absolute cock-juggling thundercunts with how they conduct themselves to fans who don’t agree with their ideology. And those are the ones who tainting that slogan.

With that being said… I DO agree that we need a change in how management of the Dragons is being run. We don’t have a healthy supply of 3rd Party deals, unlike other big clubs, which is heavily impacting our ability to recruit and retain players. Seriously, every player who apparently is linked to us, ends up signing with someone else. Why? Because we’re the bargaining chip that everyone calls a bluff with. We’re just here to drive up your price, that’s all.

We need fresh new blood running the club. We need business-savvy people who can come in and give us the supply of 3rd party deals to make us a recruitment power-house. We have 0 appeal for players to come here. We don’t have a winning culture which is what players want to have. We don’t have attractive deals for players to take advantage of and secure a larger pay day.

Because money talks in this game more than anything else.

We need to start investing into things as a business that is going to generate a profit for us. Property in the South Coast would be a MAJOR money-maker, since prices in Sydney are jumping up and people are migrating South to get away from it. Invest in local businesses that thrive on the traffic of people from Home Games, etc.

Point is, we NEED new blood in our management, because this shit is NOT working for us.


What Is Actually The Problem?

Seriously, I’m lost at the moment about what the fuck is going on.

Normally I’d say something along the lines of being a mental block or something… But I’m quite literally lost for words and unable to really pin a reason on why we’re playing like this? I’ve seen the blokes at training a couple of times now, they nail it there. They work their asses off and then when it comes to Game Day… Nothing.

Seriously, I have NO idea why we’re lacking confidence. It could be in-fighting amongst certain players, it could be that Mary doesn’t get along with some of the players, which is causing rifts to form… I got nothing. Literally, nothing.


The Positives

Yes, there ARE going to be some positives to be said. Come on, I got too much love for the Red V to not throw in some positivity.


Josh Dugan.

You, sir, are a fucking champion bloke. This isn’t something that I advertise very often, but I’m friends with Josh’s Mum & his future Father in Law. Having spoken to Jen and Dave a few times now, I can see the great support network that Duges has around him at home and the fantastic influence that’s shaped him into becoming the man that he is today.

This is a man who obviously is living the dream of that little boy who was brainwashed to follow the Dragons by his awesome Mum and Dad, who are in fact die-hard Dragons fans. He is one of the closest things we’re going to get to a player that was BORN to play for the Dragons.

Watching him break down in the sheds after the Broncos game was literally the breaking point for me to actually write this blog post up, believe it or not.

Josh Dugan, hold your head up high mate. You are a God among Men.

Euan Aitken.

This is a kid who in his second year of First Grade, is playing to the level of a seasoned First Grade player. He’s hungry for First Grade and he’s showing it every week. He knows that this is a performance-driven industry and he’s giving it 110% every week.

He’s honestly what most rookie players should be looking up to. Someone who is hungry for it and will do whatever he can to get it. Keep up the good work Hammer.

Leeson Ah Mau.

Mate… This guy just keeps stepping up to the next level every year… Hold up your head, champ. You’re doing very well and you’ll soon be one of the big powerhouse units in the NRL.


Joel Thompson “The Tank Engine”

Bruh…BRUH. BRUH! You’re a fucking legend. On AND off the field, the shit you do honestly makes me proud to have a bloke like you wearing the Red V. You’re a powerhouse on the field and your work with mental health and the Indigenous is something that should inspire all upcoming players to take part in.

I tip my metaphorical hat to you, sir.

And then, there is a name that needs no mention. Jason Nightingale. Enough fucking said. You ARE a Red V Legend, mate. That’s all I need to say.


The Future

… Look, as I’ve addressed above, we have some SERIOUS issues to work out right now. I think the FIRST THING we should be doing is looking for a new coach that ISN’T an ex-club legend or affiliated with the Dragons. The Board need to swallow their pride and allow people with new and fresh concepts to come in and revitalize the way that our lads prepare for the games.

I think that’s a MAJOR step to getting issues fixed on a short-term basis. Long term, we need a new Joint-Venture board and CEO. They’ve been around for too long, we NEED them to step aside and allow new blood to flow through the Dragons.

We need to drop the deadwood players in our team, such as Benji, Lafai, and Rein, and allow our younger players who are hungry for First Grade, the chance to step up and prove that they’re ready.

The Dragons – A 2016 Prediction


About fucking time too, I’ve been having massive withdrawal symptoms ever since September last year and now the season is only a week away from starting! So, it’s time for me to give my annual prediction for how I think my beloved Dragons will go this season. So, before I start this piece, I’m gonna “recycle” the statements that I use whenever I make a footy-related post about my club:

– The following are my own thoughts and not influenced by anyone else.
– I don’t have any informants/spies/sources/double agents in the club feeding me information that a multitude of fans seem to have.
– I don’t know any of the players personally.
– I don’t usually take note of rumours spread by fans and the media, ESPECIALLY the media. (Ever heard of the phrase “Never let the Truth get in the way of a Good Story”?) BUT, for the sake of making this post, I will be addressing them throughout.
– I will be honest, and honesty usually equals harsh words. If you’re not happy with what I’m about to say, then too bad. If you’re a veteran reader of my blog, you know how my honesty goes.

So, without further-ado, let’s dive right in!

2015: The Year That Was



Yeah, 2015 was a whole bunch of ups and downs. For a more in-depth analysis about it, check out the reviews that I did last year about our team’s season. But overall, it was a massive roller-coaster ride for sure.

We led the comp, we lost the lead and slumped, then we got it back again, it was a pretty intense ride. That and some of the off-field stuff that was going on. The Trent Merrin saga was one that got people riled up, the whole Save Our Saints thing, debates about whether Nightingale was going to renew with us, etc. etc. But ultimately we did make the finals and while we didn’t get past the first round, we put up one hell of a fight that earned us the respect among the fan-base, as well as the NRL world in general. The amount of injuries we had going was a sight to behold, as I’m told that the sheds were essentially a make-shift hospital after that game.

But we proved a point that the team that was originally penned by the NRL’s webste to come 15th, had beaten the odds and gone onto the finals. And we showed that you don’t need the most renowned players in the comp to make a good team.

The New Kids on the Block


Future 2016 Premiers right here

New Players on the Team:
Kurt Mann (Melbourne Storm)
Siliva Havili (New Zealand Warriors)
Mose Masoe (St Helens RLFC)
Dunamis Lui (Manly Sea Eagles)
Tyrone McCarthy (Hull Kingston Rovers)
Sebastine Ikahihifo (New Zealand Warriors)
Kalifa Faifai Loa (Gold Coast Titans)
Josh McCrone (Canberra Raiders)
Taane Milne (Sydney Roosters)
Adam Quinlan (St Helens RLFC)
Tim Lafai (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs)
Russell Packer

Promoted from U20’s:
Tom Carr
Drew Hutchison

First and foremost, I think it’s a bit funny that Adam Quinlan was both released AND re-signed by the club in the same year.



Two of our best newbies

But regardless, out of the new boys in the block, the ones who’ve stood so far from the trials have been Kurt Mann & Siliva Havili. Honestly, I feel so much more comfortable with Duges shifting to the centres, now that we have Mann as our Fullback. He knows how to play as a ball-playing fullback and judging from the perfomance he put on during the 9’s and Charity Shield, he’ll be a massive asset.

Siliva Havili… OK, I’ll admit that I initially hated this guy at first, since we lost Craig Garvey as our hooker and I wanted him to take over for Rein. Garvs was a player I loved in the Dragons, so I got a bit emotional when he left, obviously shown when I made a post about him leaving.

I’d like to apologize for giving doubt to Havili, because he fucking owned it. Mitch Rein should be pissing himself in anxiousness, now that Havili is here & he’s honestly putting Mitch on show.  Good job, mate.

In terms of who’s let me down in the pre-season, it would definitely be Lafai and Hutchison.



Disappointed with these 2

Look, I liked Lafai at the Dogs. He was a great player for them and judging by the reactions of their fans when he was cut loose, it looked like we had signed someone with the X-Factor. I still think Lafai is a good player, but he honestly hasn’t shone as much as we would have expected him to. He wasn’t too much of a stand-out during the 9’s or in Charity Shield and, to be perfectly honest, didn’t look like Aitken should be losing his spot to him.

I know Lafs is coming off an injury, but if you’re fit enough to play, you should be playing to the level we expect you to be playing at. Time will hopefully reveal more.

And then Drew Hutchison…

Bruh… What the fuck? I seriously defended this kid before the pre-season, saying that he was the captain of the U20’s Origin/Australia side, that he had a bright future ahead of him… Only to be completely flabbergasted (Love that word) by his performance in the 9’s and Charity Shield. ESPECIALLY WHEN HE FUCKING DROPPED THE BALL IN THE DYING MINUTES OF CHARITY SHIELD! I actually swore so loudly that the Flames turned to me and gave me a dirty look… Sorry ladies, but that’s some emotion shit right there.

Look, Drew. As someone who actually made the claim that he’d leave if the Dragons renewed Benji Marshall, you’re not playing like someone who SHOULD be in First Grade. I personally feel you’re trying too hard and it’s resulting in you fucking up when you play. Honestly, spend the year in Reserve Grade, build up some experience, and then you try to prove your worth again. It’s called patience kid, learn it.

Now, for the upcoming players that I’m looking forward to is simply this gun.


Tommy Carr aka B-Moz 2.0

I’m telling you now, this kid is our next B-Moz like player. He’s got the speed, agility, and acrobatics to pull off amazing tries and with a bit more time and development, he’ll eventually become an Origin/Australia legend that B-Moz was. Plus, anyone who hates the Bulldogs as much as this lad, DESERVES to be a Dragon for life.


I fucking love this kid


The Prediction for 2016


Only way is up lads

Well after the BULLSHIT prediction that the NRL Website that we were given last year… That we completely blew out of the water, it’s now time for the prediction for 2016. So let’s just see what these smart-asses at the NRL ha…


… U Fucking Wot M3+5?

… Really? I mean… Fucking really?

Duges, do your thing.

00000Duges (4)

My thoughts exactly

… Right… OK, so let me get this right… You think that a team that consists of:

Josh Dugan
Euan Aitken
Tim Lafai
Jason Nightingale
Gareth Widdop
Benji Marshall
Joel Thompson
Jack DeBelin
Russell Packer

And other talented players… THIS IS A TEAM WHO YOU THINK IS NOT WORTHY OF A TOP 8 SPOT?!


You know what… Nope. Not even going there. You assholes think whatever you want. You did the same thing last year, you got egg on your face for it. Look forward to it happening again this year.

My Prediction: Easy Top 6 Spot.

We have the depth to cover for representative times like Origin, as well as injuries. We’re completely covered for those events, therefore we have no excuses this year. Every year should be an improvement, therefore I feel that a Top 6 should be the BARE MINIMUM expectation.

My Ideal Team Line-Up:

1) Kurt Mann
2) Jason Nightingale
3) Tim Lafai
4) Josh Dugan
5) Euan Aitken
6) Gareth Widdop (c)
7) Benji Marshall
8) Leeson Ah Mau
9) Mitch Rein
10) Russell Packer
11) Mike Cooper
12) Joel Thompson
13) Jack DeBelin

14) Siliva Havili
15) Dunamis Lui
16) Will Matthews
17) Ben Creagh