The Price is Right… Ish… Maybe… Kinda…




Before you all lose your shit, I. AM. A. DRAGONS. FAN. Let me repeat myself: I. AM. A. DRAGONS. FAN. For those who don’t understand English:

Yo soy partidario Dragons
Io sono un sostenitore Draghi
Je suis un partisan Dragons
Ben Dragons destekçisiyim
나는 드래곤의 팬입니다
Tôi là một người ủng hộ Dragons
Ја сам фан и Змајеви
إنني مؤيد التنينات

God, I love Google Translate… Making me a smartass for all languages to understand…

But seriously, I am a Dragons fan. Now that that’s out of the way, I can actually write this rant about the infamous Steve Price, aka our current coach.

I like to think of myself as a somewhat passionate supporter for my team. I was born on the Year of the Dragon (Earth), so therefore it is by birth right that I support this excellent team… Or rather that’s what I would’ve said back in 2010, when we had a somewhat competent coach who was able to command respect and authority within the team.

Steve Price lacks this. It’s clear with the way he conducts himself and the way that the players seem to be around him. Now, I don’t play for the Dragons (their loss), but I like to think of myself as a somewhat prodigious observer of human body language. And the main thing I see when it comes to Steve Price, is a lack of authority. Now I’m not going to put the man on blast and completely demolish him, oh no. This is the man who developed the likes of Brett and Josh Morris, Jason Nightingale, Dan Hunt, etc. back when they were juniors. I’m convinced that this man KNOWS how to coach a team.

But… There’s that little part of me that dies inside whenever we lose a game. And the rack up of current losses is one that is really starting to hit me at home. I work in *Censored, since I don’t want to lose my crappy job* at Merrylands, which has a large amount of Bulldogs and Parramatta supporters. You have no idea what it’s like when I went into work and had a certain ex-boss of mine, who was a Bulldogs fan, continually give me shit about our team losing. I WILL NOT BE SUBJECTED TO THE INSIGNIFICANT COMMENTS OF A COMMON DOG! I am a DRAGON, damn it!



But, epic Game of Thrones references aside, that shit is annoying.

A lot of Dragons fans that I know are calling for Steve Price to be subjected to the Ned Stark treatment and have his head on a spike. No literally, you do not want me to link you to some of the idiot Dragons fans out there. One in particular wanted to organize a “silent protest”, in order to give the Board a clue to sack Price. FYI, Protests are not meant to be “silent”. Your idea is stupid, and so are you. You know exactly who you are. But alas, I’m gradually finding myself siding more and more with the Steve Price haters each time I see my beloved Dragons lose a match that quite frankly should’ve been child’s play. No, not THAT Child’s Play… Brad Dorff… Dates with 6 year old boys… Ugh…

People have also criticized certain team members in our team, which quite frankly is very common amongst sporting fans across all fields of sport. But the amount of hate the Jamie Soward got was unbelievable. Christ, if I knew people were saying some of the shit that I read, about me? Fuck them, I wouldn’t even want to give it 100%, since they’re not pleased either way. But this inevitably saw Soward leave the club. Following this, people began to bitch about other players. Matt Cooper’s getting too old, Nathan Fien is getting too old, Micheal Weyman isn’t playing with enough power, Andrea on The Walking Dead should’ve lived… You know, stuff like that.

And guess who’s not at the club next year? Those guys. Coops and Fien are retiring, Weyman’s off to play for England, and Andrea’s dead in the Woodbury after Zombie Milton bit her, which I call total bullshit on.

However, with these players gone, will our gameplay change for the better? Or for the worst? Granted, we’ll have a younger squad now, but the fluidity of the team and how they gel together is my main concern. Steve Price has to remember that these new guys, especially Gareth Widdop, are coming from clubs where their coaches were ruthless if they underperformed. Price needs to grow a pair of Hulk-sized balls and start being ruthless with his team. Nobody likes a pushover, and that’s exactly the vibe that he gives me. Yes, these blokes can more than likely knock your block off. But you’re essentially their boss. They listen to you. Use that. If someone isn’t performing, dump their ass and bring in someone who can get the job done.

The Dragons office had their furniture moved and redecorated as well.

The Dragons office had their furniture moved and redecorated as well.


But essentially, that’s what I think needs to happen. Players need to understand that they’re not bulletproof, since they’re in First Grade. They’re more liable to the public backlash than any other level of Rugby League in Australia. Which means that they have to EARN their place in First Grade. Which is what certain players in our team don’t understand. Look at the likes of Josh Morris and Micheal Jennings. Both were dumped to their respective club’s feeder teams for poor performance, only to bounce back so hard that they landed in State of Origin.  Even Josh Dugan, the NRL’s “Bad Boy” (Which he isn’t, he’s a nice guy), had his fall from grace, only to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix… Only he’s a Dragons player now, which is better.

But in conclusion, if you ever end up reading this, Mr. Price… No not you Vincent, you’re dead. But Mr. Price, if you ever do end up reading this, please be the coach that we all know that you’re capable of becoming. Please stop playing our players out of positions and letting young potential waste away in the Cutters. Blood them now, so that for next year, they’re ready for us.

This is the potential you could have, Steve. Only ours would still have their balls.

This is the potential you could have, Steve. Only ours would still have their balls.


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