Girls Be Like

Brother, you have NO idea...

Brother, you have NO idea…

DISCLAIMER: Girls, before you all start thinking that I’m a sexist asshole, let get this out in the open. A GIRL requested that I make this blog post, because she agrees with what I’m about say. And frankly if you can’t handle the truth, then perhaps you shouldn’t read my blog, because that’s all I’m putting out there. The truth.

Now then, I’m not a hater on girls and their attitudes, most of the time. Those who know me will know that I’m a somewhat chivalrous man who opens the doors for ladies to walk in first, let’s them get on the bus and stuff first, and will ALWAYS be a gentleman to them. I am VERY respectful when it comes to women. But… And there is always a but, there are women out there who honestly test my patience and make me want to hurl them into the sun. I’m also aware that girls are offended by being called whores, when guys sleep around more so than women. So please don’t get offended when I call the cake-face with a fake tan, a whore. It applies to her and those who share her attitude, not women as a whole. As I mentioned, I have respect for MOST women. It’s the minority which love to spread their legs and be nasty, that this blog post is dedicated to.

Now then, on to the Blog.

The Fake Bitches

OMGGG, like my hair is TOTES real!!!!!! Y wuld u think it'z fakee??

OMGGG, like my hair is TOTES real!!!!!! Y wuld u think it’z fakee??

… Just… Give me a moment. Ok, I’m good. The Fake Bitches. Fake Hair. Fake Tan. Fake Lashes. Fake Titties. You women are the ones that make us guys WANT to treat most girls badly. Why? Because most of you are cheap, nasty, whores. You’re the sort of girl who’ll dump a guy because he wasn’t “real” enough for you. How would that be interpreted you ask? Simple. He’s maybe got a bit of fat on the sides, therefore is not a real man since real men are a testament to Adonis. Maybe he’s not nice enough with you, because you like to go out and get wasted every weekend with your trashy girlfriends and he’s against that because he wants you to be decent? Maybe he’s into stuff like Dragon Ball Z, and you don’t like that because real men have to like footy and gym and shit like that. The point I’m trying to make is, that you bitches are the ones who complain about there not being enough “Real Men” in the world, when in fact you’re the fake ones yourselves.

I understand that girls tend to be more image-conscious than boys are, but seriously… Are you THAT down on your looks that you have to wear fake extensions, fake lashes, and cake yourself with spray tan to make yourself look “hot”? Let me tell you something ladies. I’m a guy who loves my footy, going to the gym, etc. And I fucking hate that shit. And so do most other guys out there. We view girls like you as the kind of girl that we’d fuck and abandon. Yes, I’m being a little hostile in my writing today, because frankly it’s because of bitches like these and the ones below, that I’m still single. I’m not interested in a one-night stand. I’m interested in a REAL woman. Which brings me to the next group of women I hate.

The “Real Women” Bitches

You finish that sentence, and I will fucking kill you and no one will find the body

You finish that sentence, and I will fucking kill you and no one will find the body

Fuck. You. Bitches. You bitches don’t know SHIT about what a “Real Man” wants. Hell, you dumb-asses wouldn’t even know what a Real Man is, even if one was in front of you! For most of the people who are stupid enough to use the “Real Men Love” quote, it’s usually followed with “Women with Curves” or “The Woman who makes their life worth living” and all that other shit. Look. I would love women with curves and women with no curves, because for me, it’s about the personality. That’s it. THAT is what defines a Real Woman. The exact same thing can be said for women who preach about wanting “Real Men”. They think a Real Man is someone who is strong, fit, adoring, etc. For all you know, a Real Man could be the fat-ass who’s obsessed with Star Wars. Not that you’d notice him, because he’s nothing close to Drake.

So let’s put this out there, shall we?

I am 24 (25 in October) years old. I have no car. I work 8am – 3pm in *CENSORED* for the weekends only. I make about $280 a week. I go the gym, which I pay about $14 a fortnight for. I have my L’s, since I refused to drive up til this point. I live at home with my parents. I own a Samsung Galaxy Note II, on a $60 plan with Optus. I don’t go out that often, and I can count the amount of friends I have on my hand. But, I can TRULY call them my friends and rely on them, 100%. I am an avid fan of Dragon Ball Z, which inspired me to do 10 years of Martial Arts training, nearly attaining a Black-Belt level by 2 different Masters, before circumstances arose which led me to not go for it. I am a VERY passionate supporter of the St. George Illawarra Dragons NRL team. I’m very direct and to the point when I talk to someone. I do not sugar-coat and I tell you what you need to hear, rather than what you want to hear. I classify my personality as O Negative, which means that I can get along with anyone myself, but there is a VERY select few people who can get along with me.

Does this make me a Real Man? To some of you, maybe. To some of you, maybe not. The overall point I’m trying to make is that every woman out there has their own idea on what a “Real Man” actually is. Just like how every guy out there has their own opinion on what a “Real Woman” is. So instead of putting up that picture on Facebook or Instagram, telling me what YOU think a “Real Man” is, why don’t find one yourself, and post that guy’s picture up, saying he’s a Real Man. I guarantee you, every picture would be different.

The Gossip Girl

Oh my god, Karen was seen wearing RED shoes!!! POST THAT SHIT UP FOR EVERYONE TO SEE!

Oh my god, Karen was seen wearing RED shoes!!! POST THAT SHIT UP FOR EVERYONE TO SEE!

The Gossip Girl is the type of girl that I hate with a passion. You cannot say ANYTHING around them, without it being leaked to the entire world to see. They’re the ones who’ll be your best friend, listening to all the dramas and stuff that you’re going through and offering condolences and such… Only to go and tell her girlfriends about it 10 minutes later and have it spread like Wildfire in Game of Thrones (If you haven’t seen the episode where the Battle of Blackwater Bay happens by now… Just go watch it).

But in all seriousness, these the girls that are despised by girls more so than guys. I’ve been a witness to many of occasions where girls have gotten into nasty arguments because one of them gossiped about the other. I’ve also noticed that ethnic women tend to gossip more. That’s not me being a racist. I’m being legit, Turkish women can gossip all those motherfuckers on Gossip Girl under the bridge. SO many dramas… But that’s not the point.

Guys don’t do the whole gossiping thing that girls do… Ok… We don’t do it to same extent. If I see Matt at the gym, benching 180kg instead of 200kg, I’m not going to run to Peter and be like: OMG, liek I saw Matty benching like only 180kg. Lolllllll!!! We want girls who aren’t going to go and run to their girlfriends, spilling out the stuff that we confide in them.


Pretty much

Pretty much


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