The Walking Dead – An Undead Review

See? Zombies aren't bad. They're just misunderstood

See? Zombies aren’t bad. They’re just misunderstood

The Walking Dead. If you HAVEN’T seen this show by now, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! This show is easily one of the most entertaining shows on television at the moment, and it’s very clear why.

But before I start going into what’s so good about the show, I should probably give the low-down on what it’s exactly about.
The Walking Dead is about a Zombie Apocalypse hitting the world, and how a group of survivors are dealing with it, whilst trying to survive. I’m not going to give too much good stuff away, but the start of the series is kinda like the start to 28 Days Later, when our protagonist, Rick, wakes up in the hospital after getting shot. He, of course, has NO idea about the zombie apocalypse and learns about it very quickly from other survivors. He then goes to search for his wife and son, which only takes about 3 episodes, so you don’t have to wait long.

But as it turns out, his best friend has the hots for his wife, so drama starts there, along with all the other survivors’ problems.

What’s so good about The Walking Dead

I'm not going to lie, I'm so finding a mod for this

I’m not going to lie, I’m so finding a mod for this

First and foremost, the attention to detail with the zombies is amazing. And I mean, it REALLY is amazing. The make-up people CLEARLY knew what they were doing when they made all the extras into zombies. Hanging bits of flesh, skin ripped off, missing limbs, it’s all there. It’s movie quality stuff in a television show, which is something I love. I also love the fact that these are classic Romero zombies. They aren’t like the 2004 Dawn of the Dead where the zombies are capable of running, etc. Or like the Resident Evil franchise where the zombies are mutations of dead people (In the latest one, which I’ll review at some point, the zombies can use guns… I shit you not. Guns.). These are classic, slow moving zombies who upon biting or scratching will infect you and turn you. There is a MAJOR spoiler to this as well, which I’m not going to go into. Watch the show to find out how exactly the infection works.

The people are realistic. Yep. That’s right. Not those Mary and Gary Sues who are perfect in every way. These are people with flaws and imperfections. They start off the series so naive about everything, it’s a miracle they’ve survived (Obviously, since they’re the main cast), but as time moves on, they become more and more effective at knowing who to trust and how to deal with larger groups of zombies. The real issue of survival. This is constantly shown throughout the series. Survival of the Fittest, keeping one’s humanity, walking a line between moral ambiguity, this is all stuff that honestly would come to light in an extreme survival situation. How far are you willing to go to survive? Will you take the word of the injured person who tells you they’re not bitten? Will you raid other survivors for their supplies? All these and more are constantly addressed in the show.

A lot of people have crictised the show for not really having a plot or a storyline, which is kind of true. The Survivors aren’t out to find a cure, or to find the source of the infection, etc. They’re just surviving. And that’s what I love the most about The Walking Dead. It’s different from your typical Zombie Apocalypse situation. In Resident Evil, the basis is about curing the T-Virus and as of late, by using Alice’s blood. But this show? A group of strangers brought together by something that’s beyond any of their control and being forced to work together. It’s not just epic… It’s realistic. I know there are zombies and shit, but it’s still a realistic take on it.

What’s so bad about The Walking Dead

It's just like in Dragon Ball Z. Enemy is powering up, so just wait for them to finish instead of cheap-shoting like a boss

It’s just like in Dragon Ball Z. Enemy is charging up an attack that can kill you? Wait patently, because to interrupt them is rude

Endless Ammunition seems to exist here. I mean, when you’re stuck constantly in one place, such as the farm in Season 2, you can only get so much ammo from a town that’s been cleaned out. There are times that they just fire off bullets as though they’ve entered the cheat code for infinite ammo. This is addressed later on however as they start turning to melee weapons, such as machetes and blunt objects to take down the zombies, as making noise attracts more zombies. Also, the times when some episodes feel like a drag does get on my nerves. This happens frequently in the second season. Let’s face it, we’re only watching this see zombies getting killed. We don’t want to entirely see people dealing with issues, finding out revelations, secret love affairs, etc. That stuff’s good for shows like Days of our Lives. We tune in for Zombie Action. Give us what we want.

But the biggest thing would have to be the sheer stupidity of some of the characters. Wow. Like seriously, if they existed in the real world, they’d be dead. Like straight away. One instance is where Carl, Rick’s son, finds a zombie stuck in the mud and is unable to move. Carl kinda plays with the zombie, by throwing rocks at it and sees how close he can get to it, before the zombie reaches out and grabs him. Yep, he’s f–ked, I think to myself. But no, he breaks free, without a mark, and runs away. Later that night, the SAME zombie kills off one of the main cast. That kid LITERALLY killed someone because he refused to kill the zombie. You see a zombie, you kill it. Instantly. Silently. No questions about it. As the series progresses, this problem is dealt with and rectified though. The group become extremely efficient at killing Zombies, even going as far as to clear out a prison infested with undead with about 6 people. 6. Fucking. People. Vs. a horde of zombies.

Seriously, this should've happened in the show. This bitch needed her head shot SO badly

Seriously, this should’ve happened in the show. This bitch needed her head shot SO badly

There are a LOT more details I can go into about this show, but frankly that would just take up WAY too much space. Out of 10, I would DEFINITELY give this show a 8/10. It’s a good watch, and with Halloween next month, it’s definitely something to have a marathon with friends with. Just make sure that you turn off all the lights, lock your doors and windows, and keep a fat friend close by so that if you get attacked by zombies, you have someone to sacrifice while you get away.


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