Farewell to Brett Morris

It's OK, bro. We got kebabs and shit here.

Welcome to the club, bro

Well… That just happened. Although to be perfectly honest, I’m not upset. Like, at all.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a MASSIVE loss for the Dragons and it’s one that the fans are FURIOUS about. Furious enough to organize protests about our club’s inept management, sign petitions, etc. But with all that being said… If Brett wanted to leave, is it REALLY right to keep him cooped up with us when his heart just isn’t here anymore?

My answer? No. No it isn’t.

A lot of fans are hurting about B-Moz leaving the Red V, but that’s because most fans are looking at this from their own perspective. Now, I’m not saying that I’m the most empathic person on the planet, but I can try to see this from B-Moz’s perspective and try to understand why he would want to leave. And this is what I’ve come up with as a result of that.

Now, before I begin, PLEASE understand that these are my thoughts and my personal views on the matter. I don’t know Brett Morris (unfortunately, because I feel we’d be great friends), nor do I know anyone in the Morris family. I don’t have sources like a multitude of fans seem to have, or know mates of mates, etc. All of this is just my personal thoughts on the matter.

Now, there are two big reasons that I can see Brett leaving the Red V.

Brett’s partner and child would probably have been one of the two biggest influences for him to take the gig at the Bulldogs, and the answer for that is quite simple. He’s the breadwinner (assumed) of the family and thus has to provide for his wife and child. The guys who are married with kids can understand that the moment that child was born, your whole life centers around that little crying bundle that your tired wife is holding in her arms. You do ANYTHING to make sure that those two people are provided for and taken care of… Well… If you’re a good parent/partner, I guess.

If the Bulldogs are offering more money, of course he’d take it. He has a partner and child to provide for, and at the age of 28, he’s only got about 4 years left in the NRL before he retires. Any idiot with half-a-brain would take this chance.

But with that being said, the second big reason for Brett wanting to leave is this guy.

This is easily the best meme I've ever come up. You're welcome, Internet.

This is easily the best meme I’ve ever come up with. You’re welcome, Internet.

Josh Morris, aka J-Moz, aka Brett’s twin brother.

Only twins, or people like me who’ve had a best friend since the day we were born (No really, we were born one day apart, our mums met in the hospital and BAM, besties!) will understand the sort of bond that Brett and Josh have and why the desire to play together will always be strong.

There are some people out there who claim that twins have a sort of telepathy with each other, whether it be being able to finish each other’s sentences, feeling the other’s pain, etc. Anyone who’s seen Brett and Josh play together knows that this shit is real. These guys feed off each other on the field and produce some amazing shit. These two are best friends, as well as brothers. They want to spend their last years of footy playing together at club and rep level. The Dragons were never going to get Josh back, so it made perfect sense for Brett to go to Josh.

There are also other factors that go into Brett wanting to leave as well, which are mostly rumours. Now, I don’t like to take rumours at face value, I like to see something official, but for the sake of making a point, I will address them temporarily.

Now, if the rumours surrounding the circumstances of the Dragons not being able to pay Brett the promised amount on his contract are to be believed, then I would’ve told Brett to leave as well. That is by far, one of the biggest “Fuck You”s I’ve ever heard and IF it is true, the Dragons should be ashamed of themselves. There’s also a rumour that Brett and Paul McGregor, the new Dragons coach, didn’t get along with each other, but if that’s true, I’m going to say that it probably wasn’t a massive part in Brett wanting to leave.

With all of that being said, I know the Dragons will struggle for a bit without Brett, but the club is bigger than one player. There will be others who’ll come in and Dragons fans will cheer for them. Me, I’m always going to respect Brett as a player and he’ll always be my favourite player, with his brother Josh being a close second.

And guys, let’s face it. If someone came up to you, offering more money to do the same job you’re doing now, you’d fucking take it in a heart-beat. Hell, I’d strip off my work uniform and walk out naked right then and there (Dat mental imagery.)

So… With that all being said… I guess this is the end of the piece I’m writing… So how would I end this just right…

Hmm… Ah, I’ve got it.

Brett, you’ve done a lot for us Dragons fans. You’ve given us a premiership after 31 years, you’ve gone above and beyond on the field to get us points, and you’ve been a fan favourite for years now. You’ve always given 110% at Club and Rep level, and you’ve always had time for the fans. You will be missed at the Dragons, Mr. Morris, and I hope that you and Josh go far together in the next 4 years, and I hope that you two eventually get to hold up a premiership trophy together. (Except if you’re playing against us, haha.)

Thank you for everything Brett Morris. You’ll always be the Bretter Morris to me.

I'm not going to cry... I'm not going to cry... Fuck.

I’m not going to cry… I’m not going to cry… I’m not going to cry… I’m not goi… Fuck.


2 thoughts on “Farewell to Brett Morris

  1. made me cry, that was beautifully said,i wish Brett all the best for the next chapter in his life, he will always be one of my fave players, as much as i’m going to hate seeing him play against us i still wish him well.Thank you Brett for all the years you have put in at the DRAGONS you have made us proud ,( now making me cry) you will be always be remembered as one of greatest players ever. i would of loved to have seen you and Josh both finish as one club players at the Dragons, but sadly that will never be. ps i’m not going to watch or listen to a dragons vs bulldog game for the next 4 years, my partner will have to go watch his bulldogs game on his own.

    • Laura, I’d encourage you to watch those games anyways. Even though Brett isn’t in Dragons colours anymore, he’s still a Dragon in my eyes and always will be.

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