This man demands your attention. AT! ONCE!

This man demands your attention. AT! ONCE!

So I’m totally doing Movember this month. You guys HAVE to donate, because if you don’t, I’ll cry. And when I cry, people die. So click on the link and fucking donate towards research for eliminating testicular and prostate cancer, as well as Mental Health.



Game of Thrones: The Review is Coming

Ok, so since I’m sitting here working on my Game of Thrones review, I figured that since the world is so expansive and detailed, my review of it should be as well. Therefore, I have decided to split my review into 3 parts, one for each season. I won’t do a review on the book series, since it appears that more people are into the show than the books at the moment. I have read each book however, so there may be some references to it, in terms of what was left out in the series, or what was added in.

So tomorrow, prepare thyselves.

My ass would be perfect on that thing

My ass would be perfect on that thing


First and foremost: These are blogs that have made me want to write this post for today.

… I don’t even know where to begin. As a fan of Ed, along with Matt, who sadly got evicted, and Tahan, I can safely say that I’m not really happy with the amount of attention that the blogger of the above links are saying about this… *clears throat* “Cheating Controversy”.

“Lessa Little” as she is known by, has caused quite a little stir within a very small faction of the BBAU fans by posting about how it’s unethical for Ed’s family to be “pimping” him out for votes to save him. While I do agree that it may not be the best course of action, I don’t think that it warrants 2 blog posts about the situation. Hell, I think a small blog post, saying that you’re disappointed about it would’ve been more than sufficient. But not, you chose to take a much bigger course of action than what needed to be taken. Even the Producers of the show have stated that the family is not breaking any rules by hosting this small competition, and yet you find that insufficient. But yet you have no problem with Kate Deraugo’s father handing out credit when she was in Australian Idol, so people could vote for her. You simply replied back “This is not Australian Idol. Besides, two wrongs don’t make a right.”. No, they don’t. But double standards are also something that are not right.

Ok, so Kate Deraugo on Australian Idol and Ed Lower is on Big Brother Australia. Kate was competing to represent our country on a global scale in the music industry. Ed is competing to win $250k for himself, with no global recognition whatsoever. And you think that the LATTER is more of an important issue than the former one? Way to prioritize. I’ve also had a little peek at this blogger’s blog and after reading all 4 posts, 3 of them mention Ed in a negative fashion. So what does this have to say? That she’s simply a hater of Ed. Simple as that. The same can be said about her Twitter Page at where her and her new bff, ex housemate Rohan, are simply doing whatever they can to get their Anti-Ed campaign off the ground. The last time I checked, Big Brother was NOT all about Ed. Hell, there’s not even a freakin’ Drully post in there, or even a post about Ed’s relationship with Jade. Just purely a hate vendetta against his family because they’re using a strategy that none of the other housemates’ familes are using. Also, if you’re against this whole “cheating” thing, then why not call out Tahan’s boyfriend for unfairly promoting her at his races?

But let me get this straight:

You claim to be making a Big Brother blog on your Twitter, but it only has 5 posts on it, 4 about Big Brother, 3 of them directed at Ed directly. Yeah, you’re not not making a Big Brother blog, you’re making a Hate Ed blog. There’s a difference.

You also stated this on your Twitter:

“Tired of responding individually to haters. Here’s my generic response:

So judging by the picture, you simply are nothing more than a pathetic little troll who has nothing better to do with her time. And then there’s your little BFF relationship with Rohan. Go figure, since he was never really close with Xaiver and Jasmin… OH WAIT, Rohan wasn’t close with anyone. No one really liked him and he was forgotten almost immediately after he left. He got evicted pretty much right away after being introduced into the house. He’s nothing more than a bitter soul who just craves the attention of others, since he’s pissed about being booted out so early. NEWSFLASH ROHAN, YOU WERE BOOTED OUT FOR BEING BORING! NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK. Master of Physical and Psychological Games… Bitch please, I’ve seen 3 year olds who can wipe the floor with your pathetic mental games… Clearly you don’t remember this:

Wow. I guess Tahan has bigger balls than you, dude. You scream like a little girl. And THIS is the person who you have backing you, Leesa? Yep, all credibility is out of the window for sure now.

But I posted up a comment on the first link on her site, stating that while I agreed it was unethical, which isn’t the debate of this blog, I believed that she was simply exaggerating an issue that in reality was nothing. This comment was up for moderation, and then subsequently removed.

So instead of being potentially censored, which is the lowest of the lows in the blogging world, I’ve written this blog post ENTIRELY dedicated to this fail troll and her little minion, Rohan, so that I can not be censored.

Also, THIS is the comment that I posted on her latest hate blog post against Ed. Whether she accepted it or not, I don’t know. But you know now.

I think you’re just hating on someone who’s clearly using the advantages they’ve been given. Tahan’s race-car boyfriend is promoting her at his races, does that count as cheating as well? The producers don’t care because they’re not losing anything out of it. But in the end of the day, it’s a reality TV show. No one really cares about what the hell goes on because in a month or so’s time, it’ll all be forgotten. And it’s a bit hypocritical that you disregard the instance in Australian Idol, since that would probably be a much more bigger offense… since you know… The winner represents our country in the musical world? Big Brother is just a bunch of people in a house, competing for $250k. There’s no global recognition for it.

Rohan’s opinion on the matter shouldn’t even be considered, since he was booted out pretty much right away. I get the vibe that he’s more or less holding a grudge against those in the house, since he was booted out so early into the game. He’s also attempting to keep himself in the public eye since he wasn’t that popular of a housemate to begin with. Hell, even the housemates themselves have forgotten completely about him to the point that Tim can’t even remember what he looked like. He had himself pegged as a “loves to play games – both sporting and psychological.”, which we saw NOTHING of in the house at all. He made no effort to mix with the others, he came off as disrespectful to Ben’s sexual preference, and he was generally disliked by most of the house-mates. As I said earlier, the ONLY reason he’s still going on about this, is because he probably holds a grudge for being evicted so early and to keep himself in the public’s eye.

And since we’re all about the opinions of ex-housemates, why not link what Xaiver said about the situation, since he and Rohan were both evicted at the same time? Oh that’s right, you had a verbal tiff with him about the situation and then deleted tweets that you made towards him, because he defended someone he considered a friend. <– Did we forget about this? Go figure.

Or what about this little tweet?

“Being forced off twitter as @JazzBellBB & @xavbait have levelled their fans at me for my blog about #Ed. I actually liked Xavier too. Hmph.”

You claimed that owned Xaiver and Jasmin, and yet it appears you’re the one who gets owned.

But seeing as, like the last post you made, you clearly don’t like people opposing you and making comments that disagree with your posts. So since that’s the case, I’ll just make a blog post of my own, saying that you’re nothing more than a biased little troll who has nothing better to do with their own time. I’m also fairly confident that you’re not going to let me post this comment onto your blog, since you’re clearly afraid of being owned, so I’ll be posting this on my own blog, so that everyone knows EXACTLY what I have to say about it.

I’ll even show some level of mercy and link your blog posts in it, so that people can read them and see what a joke you really are.

So the next time you TRY to come off as intelligent, do me a favour and remember this saying:
Don’t go screaming bloody murder when you’re the one with blood on your hands.


Having spoken to the person who this blog is aimed at, it’s clear that Leesa is more interested in the amount of people who agree with her, rather than the fact that I’m calling her out on being a troll. Such LOVELY comments were thrown around like:

Please note, I am NOT going to upload the entire conversation, because frankly Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat

Leesa: I can respond to criticism, and I have. I will engage in intelligent discussion but what you have posted is anything but.
Me: I write like that on my blog because that is my writing style. But you’re just hating because someone is playing the game

Leesa: @dragonsfan1988 Your blog entry was a very vicious, hateful, personal attack against me. I write facts, you write hate.
Me: Funny, that’s exactly what you did to Ed and his family. Go figure. And pray tell where the viciousness in it is.
Leesa: @dragonsfan1988 I leveled the playing field, it’s info people wanted, otherwise they wouldn’t have shared it. Nothing personal, nothing rude
Me: @Leesa_Bug So why not mention Tahan and her race-car boyfriend? He’s promoting her at his race events. And why focus on Ed specifically?
Leesa: @dragonsfan1988 I did. You are having trouble (again) with facts. This is not going well for you.
Me: @Leesa_Bug What, like a couple of sentences at most? Hardly fair when Ed’s getting 3 whole blog posts dedicated to him.

Leesa: @dragonsfan1988 I have news for you, 77% agree with me. Actual number, actual fact. Sorry buddy but you’ve come at the wrong person here.
Me: @Leesa_Bug It’s also a fact that most of viewers of Big Brother are prepubescent teens who generally do not make the best choices. Go figure

Leesa: @dragonsfan1988 again, 77% agree with me. We’ll see how YOU go. As for me, I’m done here. Have a nice day & best of luck with your blog.
Me: @Leesa_Bug What demographic of the community is this 77%? Teenage girls?
Me: @Leesa_Bug I don’t care if anyone agrees with me or not. I’m not the one flaunting it around, because I’m being called out on being a troll.

In response to this “vicious” post (Since writing in this style makes me a vicious and hateful person apparently), she made another blog post where she explains her reasoning for this.

And allow me to share my opinions about the following quotes from her blog post, since she’ll obviously censor me again in voicing my opinion:

“But it’s not actually against the rules?”
-The rules are too loose to actually allow BB to address this. Besides, the point that the public is starting to make is that BB is only thinking of the bottom line- making money. Six nominees EVERY week and voting to save, as opposed to the previous three nominees and voting to evict. Seems that there was more money to be made and they found a way to do it. Similarly, there’s always this: “the housemate with the most votes to save will get an advantage this week! So get voting!” Well, that one was a little transparent.

If there are no rules against this, WHY is there a problem again? It’s like that electricity challenge in The Block All Stars with Dan and Dani & Josh and Jenna. Yes, it’s not ethical, but in all honesty, who the hell really cares?

“You seem to have a personal vendetta.”
-No, I’m levelling the playing field. I believe in the fairness of the game. Before Ed’s dark side started to emerge, I was actually a fan of his. It was only after I began to notice his bigger picture that I wrote the original post.

Yes, that’s why you now have 4 posts dedicated ENTIRELY to Ed. A humble person would’ve said what they had to have said and move on from it. It’s clear that you’re loving the attention and now are trying to milk more of it.

“It’s just a game. It’s just a show.”
-Of course it is. It’s a very entertaining pass-time for us. However, the other contestants who have not cheated are fairly and honestly trying to win the $250,000. This is why the information is important, Ed could very well rob a deserving winner.

Yes, because a racist person like Mikkayla, a mentally unstable person such as Tully, an asshole like Tim, two boring sisters who just sit around doing nothing like Katie and Lucy, an unemployed 31 year old man-child like Ben, and a home-wrecking hussy like Drew REALLY deserve to win $250,000. At the end of the day, it’s a personal vendetta against Ed, because he’s using a tactic that no one else thought of.

“What about the Australian Idol scandal?”
Ahhhhh what? This is Big Brother, not Australian Idol. Different network, different show. Besides all else (whatever you’re even referring to), two wrongs don’t make a right.

… Wow… Way to include double standards, lady… It’s ok for other shows and networks to do this sort of thing, but JUST because it happens on Big Brother, it’s World War III.

But it’s clear that this person is more interested in gaining a public following by constantly attempting to bring down a housemate who’s just starting to come out of his shell and start playing the game in house. After all, 77% of people agree with her. By the way, it’s 73.35% now. Get your facts right.

Also, I’d like to note that I will NEVER stop anyone from commenting on my page. Freedom of Speech is a given right, and as I am exercising mine in this post, I invite others to express theirs if they wish to debate this issue. Positive or Negative, I welcome your comments.